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Count the days into years

When you reach a certain age mortality looms larger and larger in your life.  My generation are seeing the passing of their icons, like David Bowie and Prince, as they are years older than we are. Death is not fair.  I have been undergoing treatment at the London Hospital for Integrated Medicine since 2016.  ThisContinue reading “Count the days into years”

We all have our sins

1993 was a good year for stag nights.  In those days it was a stag night, not a weekend in Amsterdam or week in Prague, making the British look like thugs abroad and cavorting with prostitutes.  The worst that happened to men in Brightlingsea was being chained naked outside the Swan pub. First was Dave’sContinue reading “We all have our sins”

Computer Love

Graham was the first person I knew who had a computer – a ZX Spectrum (I think it was that rather the ZX81).  We played a game called Time Gate on it and it seemed amazing.  The games were loaded from audio cassette. Our family’s first computer was a VIC 20.  Neil had one andContinue reading “Computer Love”

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